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SHOW #188


Calling The Children Home

Rad Gumbo

Cajun Girl

Cajun Rage


Hi Roller

The Fan



“Off The Board”

The Fox Theatre

Boulder, CO



Romance Without Finance

Blue Jean Blues

Under The Radar (Reggae Version)

Hanging On To The Good Times

Rock & Roll Doctor



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SHOW #380  

Date Aired: 6/27/2010

Contest Winner: Tracey Patten


Old Folks Boogie 

Cold,Cold,Cold (w/Bonnie Raitt)

Feets Don’t Fail Me Now



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Rams Head Revisited - First FREE download









You can’t get something for nothing.   That’s what they say.  But summer is here and the time is right for some Little Feat in the street.  Starting this week Little Feat is introducing its next release, Rams Head Revisited,  with a series of free downloads. The downloads will appear periodically here and on the Little Feat website (www.littlefeat.com )  in anticipation of the release of the complete album. Feat Fans (and whoever you’d like to share this information with !)  can have the proverbial “free lunch” - and it’s on the band.  First up;  the classic ‘Cajun Rage’, recorded live during the epic, sold out, Ram’s Head  three-night stand of May 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2010.  We dedicate this song to the good people of the Gulf Coast and if you don’t know why,  and you aren’t outraged yourself, you haven’t been paying attention. So there you have it, the elusive “something for nothing”, available at www.littlefeat.com !   Please also stop by and visit us on FaceBook, where you can share your thoughts on the music, or just about anything else, with the rest of the Class – which, by the way, is currently at 36,000 folks  - so it may be tough to find a seat.


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SHOW #189


The Ingenue

Phone Don’t Ring (Blues Busters)

Be One Now

Day At The Dog Races

Sample In A Jar

Walkin’ All Night


“Off The Board”

Strawberry Music Festival

Yosemite, CA



Fat Man In The Bathtub >

Gringo >

Get Up, Stand Up >

Fat Man In The Bathtub

Cajun Girl




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SHOW #379

Date Aired: 06/20/10

Contest Winner: Chuck Wagener


Sailin’ Shoes 


Blue Jean Blues



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SHOW #190

Willin’ (Live From Neon Park)

Feats Don’t Fail Me Now

Home Ground

One Clear Moment

Brick Yard Blues (Box Set)

Roll ‘Em Easy (Box Set)  


“Off The Board”  

Visualite Theatre  

Charlotte, NC  


Down The Road >

Hoy Hoy

On Your Way Down

Voices On The Wind



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SHOW #378  

Date Aired: 06/13/10

Contest winner: Steve Donnello


Oh Atlanta 

Oh Atlanta W/Chris Robinson – Join The Band

Romance Dance

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SHOW #377  

Date Aired: 06/06/10

Contest winner: Guy McCoy

Feelin’s All Gone

Feel The Groove

Two Trains



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