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SHOW #398
Date Aired: 10/31/2010

Contest Winner: Steve Augspurger

Rocket In My Pocket 
Fool Yourself
Over The Edge



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Rams Head Revisited - FREE download








We’ve got all treats and no tricks (well, maybe a few tricks up our sleeves also!), coming at you on this the eve of all hallows….the latest free download track from the forthcoming CD titled “Rams Head Revisited”. It’s a tasty little track called “Hi Roller”, on which our good friend, Ron Holloway, has sparked some of his magic. We have it on good authority that this track is road tested great driving music, even if you’re not on your way to Vegas or Atlantic City!....and don't forget, "Rams Head Revisited", in it's entirety, is coming soon!!!




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SHOW # 173

Spider’s Blues
Heaven’s Where You Find It
What Do You Want The Girl To Do
Texas Rose Café’
Just Another Sunday
Hi Roller

“Off The Board”
Gruene Hall
New Braunfels, TX

Fat Man In The Bathtub >
Get Up, Stand Up >
Fat Man In The Bathtub
A Apolitical Blues > (W/Monte Montgomery)
Long Distance Call >
A Apolitical Blues

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Gary Bennett, from the Feats At Five radio show, interviewed Fred Tackett at the Little Feat show in St. Louis on 09/24/2010. They discuss Fred's new project, Silver Strings, and his invlovement with Little Feat since the early days.

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SHOW #397
Date Aired: 10/24/2010

Contest Winner: Valerie Mason

Oh Atlanta 
Sailin’ Shoes




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SHOW # 174

Fat Man In The Bathtub
Day Or Night
Rock & Roll Doctor
Rock & Roll Everynight
Daily Grind
Two Trains (Lowell Solo LP)

“Off The Board”
Georgia Frontiere Performing Arts Center
Sedona, AZ

Down On The Farm >
Jam >
Rocket In My Pocket
It Takes A Lot To Laugh
Tripe Face Boogie



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Feats At Five Podcast Show # 396

SHOW #396
Date Aired: 10/17/10

Contest Winner: Lodewijk Bolt

I Do What The Telephone Tells Me To Do
High Roller (BoxSet)
Easy Money (Lowell Solo LP)



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SHOW #175

Easy To Slip
Got No Shadow
Texas Rose Café
Snakes On Everything
Longtime Till I Get Over You
Sample In A Jar

“Off The Board”
Celebrity Showroom
Sparks, NV

Marginal Creatures 
Oh Atlanta
Let It Roll




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SHOW #395
Date Aired: 10/10/10

Contest Winner: Mike Pendergrast

Fat Man - from Join The Band
Skin It Back
Mercenary Territory



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SHOW #176

Tripe Face Boogie
Spanish Moon
Fatman In The Bath Tub
A Apolitical Blues
Texas Rose Café

Things Happen
Business As Usual

“Off The Board”
The Magic Bag
Ferndale/Detroit, MI

Down On The Farm 
Honest Man
Sweet China White>
Can’t Get Satisfied>
Hot Tamales
Feats Don’t Fail Me Now



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SHOW #394
Date Aired: 10/03/2010

Contest Winner: Phil Zisook

Cat Fever 
Honest Man (Lowell Solo LP)
Keepin’ Up With The Joneses
Walkin’ All Night




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