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SHOW #279

Mercenary Territory
New Delhi Freight Train
Two Trains
Red Streamliner
Feats Don’t Fail Me Now
Down On The Farm

“Off The Board”
Grand Lido
Negril, Jamaica

All That You Dream
Cadillac Hotel
Cajun Rage >
Hi Roller >
Cajun Rage

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Special release from the Little Feat Archive - Billy's into jam > Day At The Dog Races live from 10/27/78 - Tuscaloosa, AL - Memorial Coliseum, University of Alabama.

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SHOW #278

Fatman In The Bathtub
Texas Rose Café
Rag Mama Rag
Sailin’ Shoes
Be One Now
Livin’ On Dreams
Forty-Four Blues (HoyHoy)

“Off The Board”
Grand Lido
Negril, Jamaica

That’s Her, She’s Mine >
Rocket In My Pocket
One Of These Days (W/Vince Herman)
Cajun Girl

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Let It Roll instrumental version

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SHOW #277

Lonesome Whistle (HoyHoy)
Long Distance Love
Front Page News (HoyHoy)
Business As Usual
Loved And Lied To
Woman In Love

“Off The Board”
Dan Talbott Ampitheatre
Bardstown, KY

Honest Man
Hate To Lose Your Lovin’
Cadillac Hotel
Rag Mama Rag

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SHOW #276

Willin’ (First LP)
Rock And Roll Doctor
Cheek To Cheek (Lowell Solo LP)
Heaven’s Where You Find It
I Do What The Telephone Tells Me To Do
Rad Gumbo

“Off The Board”
Fox Theatre
Boulder, CO

Blue Jean Blues
Under The Radar (Reggae)
Rocket In My Pocket
On Your Way Down

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