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Encore Presentation of Feats At Five Podcast Show #206

Cajun Girl
Truck Stop Girl
A Apolitical Blues
Sailin’ Shoes
Under The Radar
I Do What The Telephone Tells Me To Do

“Off The Board”
William & Mary College
Williamsburg, VA

Time Loves A Hero >
Day Or Night
Texas Rose Café
Keeping Up With The Jones’s

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Encore Presentation of Feats At Five Podcast Show #205

Down On The Farm
Down On The Farm (BluesBusters)
Business As Usual
Teenage Warrior
Loco Motives

“Off The Board”
The Music Pier, Ocean City, NJ

Shake Me Up >
Let It Roll
Long Distance Love
Red Streamliner




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Encore Presentation of Feats At Five Podcast Show #204

Quicksand And Lies
Livin’ On Dreams
One Love Stand
Cadillac Hotel
Getting’ Over You> (PurePrairieLeague New CD)
Cajun Girl    (PurePrairieLeague New CD)

“Off The Board”
Norweigen Wood Festival, Oslo, Norway - 6/10/01

Easy To Slip
Rad Gumbo >
Rocket In My Pocket
Mercenary Territory




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SHOW #203

Rock & Roll Doctor
Skin It Back
Feats Don’t Fail Me Now
Night On The Town
Just Another Sunday

“Off The Board”
Austin Music Hall, Austin, Tx - 11/17/05

Down On The Farm >
Candyman >
Down On The Farm
Fatman >
Gringo >
Get Up, Stand Up >
Scarlet Begonias >


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